Endo Air Balancers Vs Air/Electric Chain Hoists, What is the difference and why choose Endo Air Balancer.

There are a number of differences between air balancers and chain hoists. Air balancers work ideally in high-repetition processes that involve lighter weight objects, usually in the 10 to 200 kg range. It is important to get the right equipment for the right job. Endo Chain Air hoists offer advantages as well, especially in workstation applications where heavier and higher lifts may be required. Endo Chain Air hoists offer variable speed control and are capable of handling heavier objects in processes that involve slower/faster cycle times. In addition to the ability to lift heavier loads, chain hoists also offer a much greater lifting range of movement.

Air Balancer

    Perhaps the most important difference is that air balancers offer a feature called “float,” whereas chain type Air/electric  hoists generally do not offer any float. “Float” is a term which means that a suspended load has some freedom to be manually moved up or down from its current position, without having to activate the up or down levers on the control. All of Endo air balancers have this range of “float”. see full line of Endo air balancers.

    Air balancers operate on compressed air, which is naturally very elastic. This elasticity provides some freedom for a load suspended by an air balancer to be manually moved up or down, or float. Chain hoists are usually powered by electric motors/Air Motors and gear boxes, an arrangement which generally does not provide any float at all.

Air hoist

     Both air balancers and chain hoists can move a suspended load up or down by activating the up and down levers on the control. However, trying to obtain a very precise position of a suspended load by repeatedly using the up and down levers can require many more steps than simply floating the load into position as can be done with an air balancer.

Grip type Air balancer

Chain hoists are available in manual, pneumatic and electric models that are capable of increasing work cycle speeds. And air balancers can be customized with grab devices designed for the parts and products to be moved. Grab device options include magnetic, vacuum, pneumatic and mechanical grips.

    Our Endo Air Hoist/Air balancers are proven quality, made in Japan construction and preferred in the industry for over 35 years. We look forward to working with you on your next air balancer application.