Air tool reel

  • With a hose inner diameter of Φ10mm, any shortage of air flow rate for air tools is eliminated.
  • This reel supports a long stroke of up to 2m.
  • The balance is obtained at the preset height and the wire rope is wound up after being pulled out again.
  • The ratchet mechanism allows the wire rope to be stopped during a stroke.

    *Note: You can activate the ratchet by switching the knob.

  • The internal fall-arrest device prevents the air tool from dropping even in the unlikely event that the spring breaks.
  • The swivel joint facilitates the tool installation.



Maximum tension N[kgf] Stroke (m) Hose inner diameter(Φmm) Mass(kg)


49[5.0] 2.0 10.0 3.8


49[5.0] 2.0 10.0 4.2