Air Tool Balancer

  • The balance function has been added to the hose reel so you can control the vertical position of air tools and similar equipment effortlessly.
  • The balancer can be used as both a suspension wire and air hose, eliminating untidy difficult to organize tubing.
  • The casing and drum are made of a special synthetic resin and are built to be tough and lightweight.
  • The hose is made of high-quality urethane and is highly durable.
  • The air tube has a diameter of Φ9mm at the inlet portion and an Rc1/4 female union at the outlet portion.


Model capacity(kg) Stroke(m) Hose inner diameter(Φmm) Mass(kg)


0.5~1.5 1.3 6.3 1.58


1.5~3.0 1.3 6.3 1.66


3.0~5.0 1.3 6.3 1.73