ENDO Spring Balancers support tools, equipment with wire rope tension equal to the weight of the suspended tools or equipment, making them seem virtually "weightless". Endo Spring Balancers provide constant tension on the wire rope, accomplished with a spring and a tapered drum. The operator has the flexibility to reposition the tool & equipment while experiencing comfortable operation and less fatigue.

The Endo Spring Balancers are ideal for application for suspension of electric or pneumatic power tools, or for suspending jigs, fixture, parts or welding equipment at assembly lines/weld lines of automotive, engineering, white good industries, etc. The food grade balancers are also available.



  1. Highly durable spring design.
  2. Guaranteed maximum operation life.
  3. Minimum downtime, Maintenance free operation.
  4. Excellent working force increases productivity. (Contribution to minimize operator fatigues)  
  5. Great Profits to customers through no stoppage of production lines compared with other copy products.
  6. Advanced built-in operation safety
  7. Easy & quick maintenance
  8. Better Cost to performance ratio
  9. Eliminates the need to separately power the balancer.


The Endo Spring Balancer range comprises of Standard Spring Balancer, Tool Hose Balancer, Air tool Reel, Torque Reel, and Clean Room Balancer.