History- Endo Group

  1963 Started the production and sales of automatic buffing machines.    
  1965 Started the development, production and sales of Circular Sawing Machines for the aluminum extrusion industry.
Started the production of Western flatware for export.
  1969 Received the Niigata Prefecture Technology Award.
Export to 5 countries in the 1970s
  1970 Started the production and sales of conditioners.
  1971 Developed Air Hoists.
Changed from the production of Western flatware to the production of high-quality goods due to the rising yen following the Nixon Shock.
  1973 Constructed Koike Plant
  1974 Started the development, production and sales of Cable Reels and Hose Reels.
  1975 Developed motorized Cable Reels.
Delivered Western flatware created in cooperation with celebrated designers including Ward Bennett and Christian Dior to Tiffany and Bloomingdale’s.
  1978 Opened the Osaka sales office.
Export to 13 countries and regions in the 1980s
  1981 Developed Self-Locks.
  1985 Constructed a new company headquarters building to mark Endo Kogyo’s 50th anniversary.
Received confirmation of the selection of the Double Helix series of Western flatware for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.
  1989 Introduced technology provided by Australian company Metool Machinery for Cable Reels.
Increased Endo Kogyo’s share capital to 60 million yen.
Started the development, production and sales of aluminum wheel cutting machines.
Export to 24 countries and regions in the 1990s
  1990 Received the 7th Niigata Prefecture Industrial Promotion Award.
  1992 Opened the Kyushu sales office.
Ended the production of Western flatware.
  1996 Started the development, production and sales of Crushers.
  1997 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
  1998 Constructed a technical wing at Koike Plant.
Export to 39 countries and regions in the 2000s
  2000 Constructed Yoshida Plant next to Koike Plant.
Started sales of High-speed cutting machines from Belgian company Pierret Industries.
  2001 Started the full-scale distribution of large-size Crushers.
  2004 Developed Servo motor type Cable Reels.
Started the complete knock-down production of Spring Balancers with United Faith Group in China.
  2005 Received the president’s award as an excellent company for the effective use of electric power.
  2006 Renamed Koike Plant as Eco-Factory, with the introduction of environmental protection activities.
Opened a technical center inside Eco-Factory.
  2008 Constructed the Eco-Factory West extension.
  2009 Developed Slip Rings for communication control.
Developed Air Balancers.
Export to 48 countries and regions in the 2010s
  2010 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
  2011 Established Endo Kogyo India Pvt. Ltd. in India.
  2012 Established Endo Kogyo Shanghai Co., Ltd. in China.
Ended the production of Circular Sawing Machines.
  2013 Opened the Nagoya sales office.
  2014 Started the supply of shore connection Cable Reels to the shipping industry.
  2017 Constructed G building exclusively for painting at Eco-Factory West.