MSD type module

Lift control module with the inertial motion prevention device?0?140kg

On the main equipment of the Air Balancer, speed control is available using the speed adjustment screw of the control module.

The built-in brake system eliminates inertial movement of the wire after stopping, and therefore, it can prevent swinging of the load (inertial motion prevention device).


Control module specifications:

Name Model Hose Operation Mass(kg)
Lift control module MSD Straight×3 Pendant type 6


Air Balancer Series (Wire rope)Specification:

Model Air pressure
for lifting
Main equipment
Wire rope
Air inlet
EHB-85D 0.7 90 1.9 38 Φ4.76 Rc 3/8
0.6 75
0.5 62
0.4 50



-Rail System

This system allows horizontal movement of lifting equipment, enabling easy transportation and transfer by hand.

-Jib Crane

A floor-mounted jib crane is available as an accessory.
The traveling rail is made of aluminum, enabling light and smooth operation.