The Endo’s standard Balancers provide true "zero gravity" tool or equipment holding with no drifting or strain. The Endo’s Standard spring balancers are available in wide range of capacities to cover customer requirements.

The Endo standard Spring Balancer range comprises of following.

• EK series Spring Balancers (capacity0.5kg to 1.5kg)

• ERP series Spring Balancer (capacity0.5kg to 2kg)

• EW series Spring Balancer (capacity1kg to 5kg)

• EWS /EWF series Spring Balancers with a safety device (capacity1.5kg to 160kg)

• ETP series heavyweight Spring Balancer (capacity120kg to 200kg)

• EWA series “Snap- Back” Prevention Balancers (capacity: 15 ~70 kg)

• ELF series Long stroke Spring Balancers (capacity: 1.5kg to 70kg)

• RSB series Ratchet Spring Balancers (capacity: 9 kg ~70 kg)