Innovative design integrates torque reaction arm and spring balancer.

  • The torque reaction arm reduces the counterforce to tightening operations during work. It also fully integrates with the electric tool to create a single unit, decreasing the overall weight.
  • The arm can accommodate difficult work environments that cause oblique pulling movements or swaying and shaking of the tool.
  • More accurate torque control can be achieved using the arm.
  • Two models are available to support tightening torques of 40 and 150 N·m



 Capacity(kg)      Torque(N.m)         Stroke(m)         Mass(kg)           CE         


05~3.0 40 0.5 3.5 O


05~3.0 40 1.0 3.8 O


2.9~5.0 150 0.5 5.3 O


2.9~5.0 150 1.0 6.2 O