Endo Air Balancers provide very precise weight lifting capabilities, with more accurate positioning than can be achieved with an air hoist. Instead of electricity, the Air Balancer uses pneumatic control technology, making it safer to operate and more economical to maintain.

Air Balancers are used for assembly lines where precision load positioning is required. Load weight compensation allows loads of varying weights to be lifted at the same speed, giving predictable up/down control. This makes Endo Air Balancer an excellent solution for fast pick-and-place operation. In the models with the lift control module, the floating feature facilitates the attachment and removal of a suspended load. In the models with the balance control module, the balance feature enables the transfer and installation of a suspended load by hand. Air balancing equipment is compatible with a wide range of other crane systems, including the workstation cranes, jib cranes.



  • Attachment and removal of a load or jig.
  • Lifting and transfer of a load or jig.
  • Precise positioning.
  • Transfer and installation of a suspended load.



  • In the models with the floating feature, you can manually adjust the vertical position from the stop position. (approx.35 cm)
  • In the models with the balance feature, you can balance a suspended load and manually control its vertical position over the full range of a stroke.
  • Air Balancer reduces air consumption (approx. 1/7) and lowers noise compared with Air Hoist
  • The air is kept clean since the balancer operates without lubrication.