This reel is equipped with a spring inside the main body and utilizes spring tension to automatically wind up the hose that is being pulled out. It supports a variety of fluids including air, water, and hydraulic oil.

In addition to installing this reel on a traveling machine, you can fix it to a wall for storing hoses. 
Several models are available with accessory sets at competitive prices for applications in which hoses are pulled out manually and wound up automatically (WA, OG, HG, and SU types).
This product can be used in general outdoor environments.

Features of ENDO's hose reel:

  1. Spring is equipped inside of hose reel. This structure will be able to wind the hose automatically. (except electric models)
  2. Able to storage the hose and make more space for working space.
  3. Applicable liquids: air, water, oil and etc.
  4. Hose reel is applicable outside.